A Letter to Future Freshmen

Surviving ninth grade is pretty difficult. The main point that I would stress the most is to pay attention to what your teachers are telling you and be smart about how you are going to get assignments done on time(don’t procrastinate). For example, if you have a big project in one class and your grade is bad in that class, don’t worry about getting a small assignment done in a class that you are passing. Also, the reason why I say it is important to pay attention to your teachers is because if you’re not paying attention to how to do an assignment, you could easily fall behind in that class(and you definitely don’t want to do that). Lastly, try to be involved with the school as much as you can and focus more on your school work than on other people.

Catalog Poem

freshman year was a weird year

like the first day at a new job

like the first chapter of a book

very boring and pointless in the beginning

but in the end everything comes together

throughout this year I tried new things

and figured out what I didn’t like

freshman year was like buying a new house

not knowing anyone in the neighborhood

overall, this is what freshman year felt like.




Tree Poem

Hopeless, this tree was

Sitting still like a flagpole

The green leaves full of life, but also full of vacancy and hopelessness.

The tree stood there, disheartening like the others surrounding it

It is long and full of branches, but very alone and discouraging.

This tree was an abandoned town that no one ever visited,

The tree looked very saddening and depressing

Standing empty like an hourglass with no sand.




Terrorism is a growing problem around the world. Lots of terrorist attacks have occurred throughout the past years, and it is only getting worse. Terrorism has caused 130,000 fatalities from 2006 to 2013(Facts and statistics on terrorism). Popular terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda have continued to target different areas around the Middle East and Europe. But, different nations like the USA, the UK, France, Germany, and many other countries have been involved in the War on Terror(see Wikipedia page for more).

Image result for war on terror

This undated image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria. (AP Photo/Militant Website)

Mostly Middle Eastern countries have accounted for more recent terrorist attacks. According to The New Yorker, in 2014, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria had accounted for 80% of deaths caused by terrorists. Terrorist activity in the Middle East is increasing massively due to ISIS gaining more militants and land. “At its peak, some 10 million people were living in territory under IS control(Islamic State and the crisis in Iraq in Syria in maps).”




My Digital Footprint

I think my digital footprint is pretty positive. I don’t really use social media as much as other people do. For example, I only have one picture of myself on any of my social media accounts. I also only check my social media like at max 5 times a week(except for Snapchat, I check that every day). The main reason I don’t use social media that much is because I don’t see the point in wasting 5 minutes of your life looking at other people’s selfies.

My Not So Strange Addiction: Video Games

My favorite hobby, easily, is video games. Whenever I’m not at school I will always try to get as much free time as possible so I can play video games all afternoon. In my opinion, my life would be very boring without video games. I like playing video games because they can be fun whether you are playing with friends or by yourself. Also, video games can prevent you from thinking about everything that is going on in the world or in your life because you are focused on one objective in the game.

My favorite video game right now is Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I enjoy playing this game because, if you’re really good at it, other people online(or even your friends)will get really mad that you keep killing them. This game came out almost 5 years ago, yet so many people still play it because it never gets old. Overall, the game is very competitive and enjoyable(Article about COD: BO2).

Image result for call of duty black ops 2

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Gaming has become a very big industry in the United States and around the world. I think that gaming will become a common sport in America and will become much more competitive. An article from newzoo says that, “China & North America will generate $362M in 2017, or 52% of global esports revenues.” A separate article from newzoo says that game revenues have increased $7.8 billion in the past year. It is very clear that gaming is becoming more and more popular around the world.

My Family

My family consists of me, my two brothers, and my mom and dad. My oldest brother is in second semester of college. My second oldest brother is a junior attending the same school as me. My family is pretty quiet considering my oldest brother and my mom are both very busy with college. My mom is graduating very soon(already graduated as of April 14)and my brother is majoring in marketing.

I am the youngest in my family(see About Me post for more about myself). As you would probably imagine, my two older brothers are very annoying and I often have to do things for them. Also, now that my parents are getting a lot older(especially my dad because he is in his 50’s now), I have to take responsibility and do a lot of simple tasks for them. The only thing I enjoy about being the youngest is that my brothers get in a lot more trouble than me and I don’t have to worry about my money because I don’t have a job.

My family is very quiet. My dad is an accountant and he works a regular 9-5. My mom is working at a nursing home, although she just graduated so she will probably become an official nurse soon. Like I said earlier, my oldest brother is currently in college for marketing. This is a quick description of our family.






Lots of people become very confused about what happened to me. They probably think I was involved in a car crash many, many years ago. You probably think I was just welded together by some random person and put in a gallery. You probably don’t even know my name. If you do know my name, you might be able to figure out what happened. But only the people who were alive during my time know what happened to me. You probably have a lot of questions for me as well; Why was I put here? Who put me here? Who took time out of their everyday lives just to deal with me? You will never know.

Image result for black mountain college shortstop

John Chamberlain, Shortstop, 1958


Great Falls by Steve Watkins

The Great Falls is about two brothers(Shane and Jeremy)and their struggles at home. Jeremy has just came back from war in Iraq. Though he was an amazing football player in high school and valedictorian for his class, he is separated from his wife and living in the basement of his parents house. Shane is currently playing football for the high school team but he gained concussion symptoms from his last game. Shane and Jeremy take a trip to the Shenandoah River and everything changes.